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Business Area STS Panel Overview and Specifications

Overview and Specifications

Overview and Specifications of STS Panel

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This is a construction method in which the STS flat irons are arranged in a checkerboard pattern, with the main materials such as STS304, STS329J3L, and STS329LD welded and fixed onto the structure with set anchors. The STS forming boards are then overlaid by 5-10 m between the boards and welded onto the flat iron to be made watertight.

STS329J3L, the main material, is a high-priced grade of steel, and the POSCO data indicates that its hardness is 1.6 times and corrosion-resistance is 30 times higher than that of STS304, which is why it is used as a main material for cleaning and distributing reservoirs with a high concentration of chlorine. For other general reservoirs, STS329LD or STS304 are used as main materials depending on the chlorine concentration.

STS329LD was developed as a substitution for the existing STS316, and it is less expensive than STS316 while its corrosion-resistant is similar to that of STS316.

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Materials and Specifications

  • STS304, STS329J3L, and STS329LD, with the standard dimensions of 1000 x 2000 mm, can be flexibly adjusted for execution depending on the on-site requirements.


  • Main materials tons 1.5-2.5 T
  • STS flat iron tons 2-3 T
  • STS SET ANCHOR tons M6-M10
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