Overview and Specifications

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Overview and Specifications

Product Overview

General Charactoristics

  • The STS Cylindrical Water Tank is structurally very stable as its internal pressure is evenly distributed in circumferential directions. It has a semi-permanent service life, and excellent hygiene and durability due to the characteristics of the stainless material. It is also easy to clean and service, and is recyclable at disposal.


  • Applicable to simple (village) waterworks and reservoirs of large, medium, and small scale.

Features of Earthquake-Resistant Stainless Steel Cylindrical Water Tank with Filter (Patented)

Filtration Performance

  • It uses filter media made of eco-friendly materials

    - Reusable after washing, no need to replace filter media

    - Equipped with a filtration device using environmentally friendly polyethylene filter media used for beverage containers, etc., and designed to resolve the problems of universal filter media including sand, charcoal, and gravel [Patent No. 10-2109573]

  • Efficient filtration performance

    - In the event of an emergency, it provides time to prepare countermeasures to respond to a crisis by supplying clean water after physically filtering foreign substances mixed in the influent water

    - Capable of filtration by natural backwashing, and the smooth circulation of the filter media prevents accumulation of particulate matters, thus improving the filtration efficiency

    - Stainless steel filtration device installed inside the water tank to perform physical filtration prevents the sediments due to aging inside the pipe, rust residue inside the pipe, and the inflow of various foreign substances into the water tank [Patent No. 10- 2109573]

  • Economic feasibility of filter media

    - The filtration process does not requires power, thereby causing no post-management cost, and economic efficiency is strengthened by using semi-permanent LDPE

    - The bolt-on filter device makes it easy to assemble and disassemble, and it reduces maintenance costs by washing and reusing the filter media

Aseismic Design

  • Prevention of floor distortion and fixing (all)

    Constructed with a double floor; fixed with a foundation pad to prevent the floor distortion and movement of water tanks (seismic enhancing effects).

  • Corrugated aluminum exterior materials (all)

    Prevention effects of corrosion-resistance and anti-corrosion using powder coating

    Using corrugated panels, it has excellent durability and tensile strength, with high-grade quality compared to the flat type.

  • Powder painting exterior material with environmentally friendly natural colors (blending type, high-grade type)

    Environmentally friendly product that blends well with surroundings, with no bleaching, discoloration, or light reflection of the exterior material

  • Internal Structure of Pipe (all)

    Internal structure of pipe designed with consideration for prevention of freezing in winter and convenient use

  • STS 304 materials (all)

    Environmentally friendly water tank that is recyclable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting

Overview of Technologies

Internal Reinforcement

  • Horizontal Reinforcement

    Reinforces against expansion from water pressure, prevents rupture of the front weld zone, and improves seismic performance in preparation for an outbreak incident

    The left and right ends of each component board of the cylindrical water tank are bent by 3-4 cm, and the bends are welded inside. Then, both directions (180°) of the water tank’s circumference are horizontally connected and crossed with each other with the STS angle

  • Vertical Reinforcement

    Ensures safety for snow load and maintenance work, and improves seismic performance

    By making a circle, with a square pipe, around the apex of the inner side of the water tank’s ceiling board and in a suitable position according to the diameter of the water tank, it is welded with the ceiling board, the circular pipe is horizontally placed, and the top reinforcement bending and the floor are welded

External Reinforcement

  • Externally reinforces against the expansion of water pressure, prevents rupture of the front weld zone, and improves seismic performance, in preparation for an outbreak incident

    Reinforced welding is applied, with an L-shaped angle, to the external side of the horizontal weld zone of the Cylindrical water tank along with the circumference, followed by further reinforced welding of the STS flat iron with a suitable thickness on the halfway points of the L-shaped angle, circling the circumference


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